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Don’t let a dull wedding breakfast ruin your big day

We think the wedding breakfast is important, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the right choices for your first meal as a married couple.

Planning a wedding is a huge task, which you’re probably doing in your spare time in between working or raising your family.

After investing time, effort and money in creating the perfect day however, you should take care that your wedding breakfast doesn’t spoil the party.

When you are focused on rings, dresses, photographers, cakes and more, the wedding breakfast can slip a little and it’s not uncommon for that to be where people look for cost savings.

But by neglecting your menu choices you risk punctuating your perfect day with a bland, uninteresting meal that puts a black mark on the memory of your day.

We think the wedding breakfast is important, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the right choices for your first meal as a married couple.


Sharing platters are always a great ice breaker, especially for those guests who may not have met each other before. Not only do they provide a more relaxed eating experience, allowing people to strike up easy conversations while grazing, but they also fill a gap on a day when sometimes there is a long break between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, depending on the timing of your ceremony.

Canapes are great to have dotted around the venue, your guests will be often waiting around for photos to be taken and may fancy something to nibble on. Canapes are perfect for an event with lots of people because you can have a range of platters to suit different tastes. For example, at Knowsley Hall you are sure to have a beautiful fine dining experience with vegetarian, fish and meat options. All of these are prepared by our team of in-house chefs.


The main event

Your wedding breakfast does not have to be standard. In fact, it should be special, just like every other aspect of your day.

It should also fit your theme. For example if you’re having a vintage themed wedding, why not have a hog roast? It’s a hearty, traditional meal that’s a little bit of fun. Pair it with an appetiser of afternoon tea for the perfect vintage experience.

Are you having a summer, outdoor wedding? Perhaps a barbecue wedding breakfast is the answer! Inexpensive, social and suitable for meat eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians alike. It’s not too expensive and it’s a more casual way to do a wedding breakfast if that’s your style.

For a more exotic style wedding breakfast, why not try Spanish paella. Having it cooked at the table can add entertainment for your guests as they watch professionals freshly cook their meal.

And think fine dining is out of reach? Maybe you think that’s not a common thing to have as a wedding breakfast. Well it is possible to enjoy a fine dining wedding breakfast for your entire party. Here at Knowsley we offer five star food freshly produced with the finest ingredients by an elite team of chefs so you can enjoy delights including carpaccio beef, masala lamb or sea bass with amazing seasonal accompaniments.

Keep your wedding plans on-track with our 25 Question Wedding Checklist!

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